Looking for Answers?

We have them. As highly seasoned business leaders, we provide the insight and guidance business leaders need to create efficiencies in their operations, expand wallet share, and to map out the best possible scenario for the departure of a business owner.

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Grow Wallet Share

There is no doubt that new clients are important to every business. But, a significant source of additional revenue is sitting inside the existing client base, waiting to be captured.  If you aren’t meeting the needs of your clients, someone else will.

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Going International

Reaching global markets is easier today than at any other time in history.  But expanding internationally carries risks, and international taxation is at the top of the list. We offer the experience to navigate the complexity of the international business environment.

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Strengthen Value Drivers

Starting early to identify and strengthen the factors that drive the value of a business will put business owners in the strongest position for departing on their own terms and make the transition as smooth as possible for employees and their new management team.

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“People often complain about lack of time when the lack of direction is the real problem.” – Zig Ziglar

What's Happening at L. Harris Partners

Insights to Implementation

Blogger: Lee Eisenstaedt

Has this happened in your business?  The management team realizes they need an outside look at the organization so they hire a consultant to do an analysis. The consultant does their work and then reports back on changes the business can make to be more effective and drive more business. But what happens after that? How long does it take before the report is gathering dust with the action items left undone? I’ve seen this too many times. It’s when recommendations are put into action that change happens. We are now helping firms make the leap from insight to implementation. Watch video

Driving the Value of your Business

Blogger: Jeff Johnson

Transferring management responsibility is an important part of having a stable and motivated management team in place; one of the key elements driving the value of your business. Read the first article in a two-part series in which we explore specific areas of management that should be included in your management transfer plan.  Take me to the article.

Building Relationship Capital

rob petersGuest Blogger: Rob Peters

There are some interesting mega-trends that business leaders must take into account in developing their strategies and in their execution.


Talent is everywhere. As organizations shift to networks, transcending workplaces, success will be driven by how well they can attract the most talented, those who can choose where, how, and why they work. Real-time translation software will enable true multi-cultural teams. Wealth will flow to the talented, wherever they are.


By the end of this decade close to half the workforce will be working independently, often across national boundaries. Companies will function on social networks and gaming platforms, professionals will work for many clients, and many of today’s companies will be supplanted by networks of experts.

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